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T.O. puts on training camp show

OXNARD, Calif. -- Cowboys Pro Bowl wide receiver Terrell Owens had an afternoon full of dominance at training camp on Sunday.

One of the casualties in his path of being wide-open all afternoon was cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones, who is openly begging for one-on-one matchups with Owens during camp. Owens said yesterday he would get the best of him most days, and Sunday was one of them.

“Anything that’s going to happen between me and Adam, I am going to get the best of it regardless of what he says,” Owens said.

During one-on-one drills with wide receivers vs. defensive backs, Owens went against Jones. Before the play, two things unfolded: Tony Romo stepped in and took Richard Bartel’s turn for the star-studded duel and Jones baited the crowd as he lined up against Owens.

Owens then popped free on a double-move against Jones (one he knew was coming), breaking free and catching a would-be touchdown leaving Jones behind. Owens spiked the ball in the endzone and then called for more crowd noise waving his hands and putting his hand up to his ear just a few feet away from the fans.

Jones came back to the sideline humbled with a slight smile, and Owens fed off the crowd’s energy as the 34-year old continues to prove there is no sign of decline in game. One thing is for sure, Jones is not backing down.

“Every day I want a piece of him,” Jones said. “Him and Patrick Crayton, I want to matchup with them every day. Serious. Point blank.”

Camp T.O. vs. Pacman as begun. The score is 1-1 between the overly-competitive friends after two full days of contact.

“Today he had his day, and yesterday I had my day,” said Jones, who was wearing red-tinted Nike contacts to block the sun. “He ain’t going to beat me everyday. I think I’m the best and he thinks he’s the best.

But Jones shouldn’t feel bad because he was only one of many cornerbacks that couldn’t stay with Owens. He flashed an impressive burst on go routes and solid hands throughout the afternoon.

Owens and Romo stayed in-sync throughout practice and it appears the offseason work is showing early in camp. Meanwhile, Jones is trying to catch up for lost time -- quickly.

“He had the last laugh today and everyday I had the last laugh,” Jones said. “I’m not going to lose everyday, that’s all I’m going to tell you.”