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Thieves assault, rip off Subway mascot's costume

FLOWER MOUND -- Oh, Subway Jared wouldn't be smiling about this.

A 14-year-old was assaulted and robbed of his Subway mascot costume Friday afternoon as he stood outside the sandwich shop. Three teens are suspected of taking the outfit after jumping out of their car.

The victim suffered a slight arm injury when the teens tackled him and removed the sandwich costume. He also reported that the car ran over his foot as the teens fled; the victim was treated at the scene.

Hours later police arrested the teenaged boys after witnesses and other employees took down a description of a car used in the getaway and tracked down the thieves.

Police identified one suspect as Daniel John Jones, 17, of Plano. Two 16-year-old boys -- one from Plano and the other from Highland Village -- also were detained. One of the juveniles was the driver, police said.

The holdup happened about 12:30 p.m. at the shop in the 2200 block of Justin Road.

After getting information from witnesses and employees, officers contacted the registered owner of the car by telephone. He told police that his son was driving the car, but he would contact him and instruct him to return to the business to meet with officers.

The teen and his friends returned to the business where they were taken into custody.

And they brought back the sandwich costume -- complete with lettuce.