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Irving SWAT team surrounds store; no robber inside

IRVING -- An armed bandit robbed an auto parts store Friday morning of undetermined amount of cash, then forced police to surround the building when they believed he was still in the business, police said.

No robber was found at the Auto Zone on Rochelle Road when officers searched it.

Officers believed the bandit was in the store because police found four employees and a customer lying face down on the floor, but they weren’t sure if he had left the business.

The holdup started shortly after 10:30 a.m. in the 2100 block of W. Rochelle Road.

A man with his face covered and brandishing a handgun, strolled into the store and demanded the cash, police said. The robber ordered the employees and customer to the floor and told them to stay there, police said.

A customer called police after he walked into the store, found an employee on the floor and walked back out.

No injuries were reported.