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Trinity grad gets his scholarship back

James Bradshaw's once-again-future football coaches at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff called with some good news today.

"He's a qualifier for Division I football," his father, James Bradshaw Sr., said. "We're not really sure what happened."

The Trinity High School grad and offensive lineman's status had been in limbo for all of this month, despite good grades in high school, because of a dispute over the way Hurst-Euless-Bedford records foreign language credits.

Because the NCAA doubted that his three years of Spanish counted for more than one credit, he was notified on Monday that he was denied eligibility and had lost his scholarship.

But officials reversed course on Wednesday and told the university to not bother applying for a waiver. Coaches told the player to report for practice on Aug. 3 and that his classes begin Aug. 29.

"We're not really sure what happened, but we're very happy," the elder Bradshaw said.