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Ammonia leak prompts evacuation at Fort Worth facility

Officials briefly evacuated a meat-processing facility in north Fort Worth Wednesday afternoon after an ammonia leak inside.

About 20 pounds of ammonia leaked into a small room at the facility at about 5:30 p.m., leading to the evacuation of about 90 to 100 employees from the facility in the 3800 block of North Grove Street, said batallion chief Charlie Woodard of the Fort Worth Fire Department.

He said firefighters got in and controlled the leak, which was mainly contained to one room in the facility.

A sign on the main office of the facility identified the building as Frontier Meats. The facility's manager declined to comment.

Woodard said the surrounding area wasn't in danger at any time from the leak.

"If you were in the room it would really bother you but outside it'll dissipate fast and the sun will break it down," he said.