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Keller 'rape' may not have happened, police say

KELLER -- A rape in May at Bear Creek Park where a teen told authorities that she was attacked by a heavyset man while an accomplice watched may not have happened, police said Wednesday.

Cell phone records showed that the 18-year-old was on the phone at the time she told police she was being attacked, police said.

And the Keller teen and her boyfriend have not cooperated with investigators in the last three weeks.

The teen had reported that she was attacked at the park about 11:50 p.m. on May 30.

After the attack, she told police that the men left in a small white, single-cab pickup.

The teen got into her car, drove around and texted her boyfriend in California, police said.

She reported the incident hours later to her mother who persuaded her to report the attack to police.

Just days after the attack, the girl gave investigators a description of her attacker, his accomplice and their truck.