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Man arrested after fighting with off-duty Fort Worth officer

FORT WORTH -- A man suspected of trying to steal bandannas from a convenience store was arrested Tuesday after he fought with an off-duty Fort Worth police officer, police said.

Robert Crawford, 24, of Texas City was arrested on suspicion of robbery, reports said.

A manager of the Texaco station in the 5300 block of Mansfield Highway approached the officer outside the store about 3 p.m. and told him a customer inside was trying to fight him, according to a police report.

As the officer called for assistance on his cell phone, Crawford came outside and punched the manager and a witness in the face, the report stated. Crawford swung his elbows at the officer, who took him to the ground and identified himself a police officer.

The store manager said the altercation started after he saw the man identified as Crawford put $7 worth of bandannas in his backpack and try to leave.

The man told the officer, "You have to let me go. Theft is just a ticket in Texas," the report stated.

After uniformed officers arrived at the store and placed the suspect in a patrol car, the man spit and kicked at officers, the report stated. A department-issued "spit sock" was placed on his head to prevent him from spitting.

The man continued to kick and fight until he was tasered, the report stated.