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Arlington GM plant awaits word on impact of cuts

General Motors announced plans on Tuesday to further reduce the number of trucks and SUVs it produces which could lead to more idle weeks at the Arlington auto plant.

The company, which said it will cut its large vehicle segment by 300,000 units, has not yet informed local plant officials on how the cutbacks will affect Arlington. The local plant produces 870 vehicles a day when both shifts are working. Currently, the plant is shutdown for four weeks until July 28, partly because of its usual summer retooling and also because of slow consumer SUV sales.

"At this point, I don't have details on how it will affect the Arlington plant but I'm sure there is going to be an impact," said plant spokeswoman Wendi Sabo. She said that there are meetings scheduled next week that will inform the local plant on how it will be affected by Tuesday's announcement.

The Detroit automaker also said it will reduce salaried positions in the U.S. and Canada. There are about 200 salaried employees at the Arlington plant and 2,700 hourly workers.