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What's on Kobe Bryant's to-do list?

Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant has been spotted around town in some new shoes like the ones worn by Michael J. Fox in the movie Back to the Future II. Now that Kobe has his limited edition Nike McFlys (selling for over $1,000 online) what’s next on his to-do list?

1. Go back in time and steal Penny Hardaway’s role in the movie Blue Chips. Then never pass the ball to Shaquille O’Neal’s character.

2. Go back in time and attend one year of college to take a class on Zen philosophy just to see if Phil Jackson is really just making all that stuff up.

3. Go back in time to this off-season and demand to be traded to ... oh say someone like the Boston Celtics.

4. Go back in time and pretend Michael Jordan is copying his mannerisms.

5. Go back in time and help Huey Lewis and the News save their careers.

6. Go back in time and buy a DeLorean.

7. Go forward in time to see which team will upset the U.S. team this year in the Olympics.

8. Go back in time and sue the creators of Quantum Leap.

9. Before he returns, make sure that Shaq has completely faded out of the team photo he brought with him.