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What's on the New York Yankees' to-do list?

The New York Yankees are playing their 86th and final season in Yankee stadium and it's not going so swimmingly. They are third in their division and a paltry seventh place in the AL. What do they need to do in their final season in "The House that Ruth Built"?

1. Wake up Grandpa Steinbrenner and let him know there's a baseball season going on.

2. Start blaming Joe Girardi...blaming the manager has been the status quo in Yankee stadium for as long as it's been around.

3. Call ahead to the old-folks home and make arrangements for the team in the off-season.

4. Give Jason Giambi's mustache a plaque in center field.

5. Somehow make the playoffs as the third best team in their division. And learn to fly while they're at it.