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Watauga teen cleared in police cookie caper

Eighteen-year-old Christian Phillips was released from the Lake Worth jail Thursday afternoon after tests on cookies he delivered to Blue Mound and Lake Worth police came back negative for drug substances, according to his attorney, Patrick Davis.

The Watauga teen was released into the custody of his father after spending almost two days in jail. A second-degree felony charge of tampering with a consumer product was dismissed.

"We are just very disappointed that everyone went and convicted him right away," Davis said. "We are disappointed that no one ever gave him a chance."

Phillips had been delivering cookies to area police departments for Mothers Against Drunk Driving as part of his community service for a previous arrest in Watauga.

The Lake Worth and Blue Mound departments said the cookies field-tested positive for drugs. But when they were sent to the Tarrant County medical examiner's office, they tested negative, Blue Mound police Lt. Thomas Cain said Thursday.

"But I could smell marjuana," said Cain, 58, who has been in law enforcement for more than 30 years.

A cookie tested positive twice for marijuana when Blue Mound officers tested it earlier in the week at the police station. Like many area police departments, Blue Mound used a small testing kit that includes a plastic pouch and acid. A sample is placed in the pouch, shaken and officers wait for a result -- a blue-violet color indicates a drug.

"There was probably some residual," Cain said.

The teen had told Lake Worth investigators that he did not put drugs in the cookies but that friends may have been using marijuana while he baked them, police said.

Cain said that it was rare for a positive field test to test negative during a more detailed examination.