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Suspect in Keller molestation case had worked at other child-care centers

A child-care worker arrested last week on suspicion of aggravated sexual assault involving a 5-year-old boy had worked at other child-care centers, Keller police Chief Mark Hafner said.

But police have received only one complaint against the worker, Paul Joseph Lair, 38, who was arrested Nov. 26.

The boy told investigators that he had been molested over the past year when he spent the night at Lair’s home several times a month, Hafner said.

A woman called police when the boy told her about what happened, Hafner said. The boy later repeated the account to investigators, he said.

Lair was employed at a child-care center at the time of his arrest, but the center has since fired him and informed all current and past workers about the situation, he said.

“We have not tied the victim that came forward to that daycare center,” Hafner said.