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Fort Worth woman fondled by man posing as a police officer

FORT WORTH A man posing as on officer pulled over a 21-year-old woman in southwest Fort Worth Tuesday night, then fondled the woman after ordering her hands onto her hood, police officials said.

The woman told police she had just left work around 9:44 p.m. and was crossing over the 183 bridge near the Interstate 20 split when she noticed a bright spotlight shining into her car and believed she was being pulled over by an officer.

She told police she noticed the vehicle behind her had blue strobe lights mounted on its dash, according to a police report.

The woman told police that the driver of the car then approached her car. She described him as Hispanic, fairly young looking, about 5-foot-8-inches tall with a very small black goatee on his chin. She told police the man was wearing what appeared to be a black uniform, a black baseball cap, and had a gun belt with a holstered gun.

The man, who had a slight Hispanic accent, asked for the woman’s first name and told her he had pulled her over because he thought she might be intoxicated.

He then ordered her out of her car, telling her he was going to search it, the report stated.

The woman said she stood outside while the man then searched her car. She said she noticed the man’s uniform did not have any pins on the collar and that his badge did not appear real, the report stated.

The woman told police the man next ordered her to place her hands on the hood, then grabbed her breasts and buttocks over her clothing after she complied.

He then ordered her to wait outside of her car and returned to his car for about 5 minutes. When he returned, the man ordered her to take off her jacket and place her hands on her car again. He then fondled her again before returning to his car and driving off, she told police.

The woman called her husband, then drove with him to a police station to report the crime, the report states.

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