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Sansom Park police may give 'tickets for tots' instead of citations

Get stopped for a traffic infraction in Sansom Park this holiday season, and you might be surprised by what the officer hands you.

Instead of a citation with fines, officers may give out "tickets for tots," slips of paper asking drivers to donate a $10 gift to a needy child.

Officers began the program, created by Chief Tony White, last week and already have collected a stack of gifts, Detective Tom Milner said.

Officers choose when to give out the tot tickets rather than citations, which can carry fines of more than $100. There is no criterion for who gets them, Milner said. The tot tickets have holiday print and include an explanation of what the driver did wrong.

Drivers are asked to donate the toy before Christmas Day.

"It's a voluntary thing," Milner said. "They don't have to do it, but we think most people will."

Donors should drop the gifts off unwrapped, Milner said. Sansom Park firefighters will wrap the presents and deliver them to needy families on Christmas Eve.

To donate a toy take an unwrapped gift the Sansom Park Police Department at 5500 Buchanan St.