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UPS workers arrested in D/FW thefts

At least seven UPS employees have been arrested since August, accused of stealing cell phones, DVDs, iPhones and other electronics from the shipping company's hub at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, according to police reports.

Six men, including one Arlington resident, were arrested in August. Another Arlington man was arrested on similar charges last month.

"We did have some employees who were involved with some inappropriate behavior," UPS spokeswoman Susan Rosenberg said Monday, adding that the two incidents were unrelated and not too unusual in the shipping industry. "It just so happened that there were two incidents eight weeks apart."

D/FW Airport is one of the company's six regional hubs in North America, Rosenberg said. She didn't know whether the merchandise was believed to be taken from a large business shipment or an individual package, both of which are handled at the facility.

Rosenberg said customers should rest assured that security measures are in place to protect their property. She declined to elaborate, except to say it is multi-layered system and that the arrested employees probably weren't aware all the ways UPS keeps an eye on packages.

"Businesses who are prudent will always have an overlay of security to protect consumers' inventory and to protect the safety of the employees at the facility," she said.

D/FW Airport police officials did not return calls seeking comment Tuesday.