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Robbers want cash, cigars at two holdups

FORT WORTH -- For about the 12th time in a one-month span, a cigar-seeking robber has struck.

The robbery occurred about 4:10 a.m. Sunday at the 7-11 at 2800 N.E. 28th Street.

Police say the robber asked the clerk for a cigar, then demanded money after she opened the register.

“Don’t make me come behind that counter” the robber threatened when the clerk did not initially believe him, according to police.

The man stole money from a second register as well before fleeing on foot. The clerk did not see any weapon but told police the man kept his hand in his sweat pants as if he had a gun.

Police have said the man is believed responsible for about 11 other similar robberies since mid-October.

The robbery marked the second Sunday involving cigars.

Later that night, about 7:30 p.m., two men wearing hooded sweatshirts and bandannas covering their faces held up the Q-Mart at 2100 Ridgmar Blvd. while a third suspect kept watch outside. The men, at least one armed with what the clerk described as a “long barrel handgun,” stole money and Swisher Sweets Cigars.

Anyone with information about the identity of any of the robbers is asked to call the robbery unit at 817-392-4370 or Crime Stoppers at 817-469-TIPS.