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Is Brock Lesnar the UFC version of Kimbo Slice?

On the surface the parallels between Brock Lesnar and Kimbo Slice seem unavoidable.

Both are phenoms, but are also young Mixed-Martial Arts fighters who brought powerful name recognition and ridiculous physiques to the ring.

Slice flopped horribly in a pummeling to journeyman Seth Petruzelli and EliteXC folded quickly thereafter.

At 9 p.m. CST Saturday night, Lesnar (2-1) gets an early title shot in the heavyweight division against legendary UFC fighter Randy Couture in what is expected to generate over 1 million pay per view buys.

UFC 91 could easily become the top selling MMA pay-per-view event of all time.

It's fair to question why Lesnar is getting a title shot with only three pro fights behind him including a loss to Frank Mir.

Now unlike Slice, Lesnar brings legitimate ground skills as a former NCAA All-American wrestler.

In fact it's refreshing to see classic wrestling appear in MMA considering these days the style has become a cookie-cutter homogenization of boxing coupled with Brazilian Ju-Jitsu.

However, Lesnar's resume takes a hit for his failed NFL run and his time in the WWE, which just kills any legitimate fighter’s reputation.

Granted, the sick money from Vince McMahon isn't getting turned down by any human.

But now Lesnar finds himself in the single biggest sporting event of his life.

Couture checks in at 45 years old, which certainly favors the younger Lesnar.

However, Couture has decimated fighters bigger and with more experience.

His legacy will be intact regardless of Saturday's outcome.

Couture remembers all too well his first UFC event, where he fought in a Holiday Inn ballroom rather than the bright lights of Vegas.

Today, the UFC thrives as the biggest, most legitimate and top-talented fighting organization in the country.

Whether Lesnar thrives or takes a beating, Dana White’s empire will continue to churn out monthly pay-per-view events, the weekly Ultimate Fighter reality show and become increasingly more relevant with the under-40 crowd than baseball.

MMA fans can only hope for a Lesnar loss, which could pit Slice and Lesnar together where they are both best suited _ Wrestlemania.