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Oklahoma Sooners might have a short answer to Texas Tech's pass protection

NORMAN, Okla. — At only 6-foot-1, Pryce Macon is the shortest of Oklahoma’s defensive ends.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, end Frank Alexander said while discussing Macon moving into the rotation next week against Texas Tech.

“Price plays really hard, he’s a real tough guy,” Alexander said. “But I think he’s going to come in and help us out a lot against Tech for a simple reason — Tech’s linemen are all real tall and Price can get under their blocks. He’s real quick off the ball.”

With Auston English and Alan Davis apparently sidelined with knee injuries, Macon moves into the rotation with Alexander and Jeremy Beal and will be getting a lot of reps both this week and next in preparation for the Red Raiders’ visit.

The third-year sophomore has played in five games this season. He has five tackles, among them one sack and two for losses.

“I’m looking forward to getting some more playing time,” Macon said after Tuesday’s practice. “I’m comfortable. I know the system. I’m built for leverage. I’m a short guy so I like pass rush, the speed rush.”

Getting to Tech quarterback Graham Harrell has not been an easy chore. Harrell has been sacked only five times this season. OU quarterback Sam Bradford has been sacked seven times, and has thrown 133 fewer passes.

Ironically, Macon’s first action last season was against Tech when Davis was knocked out.

“Just one of those things,” he said. “You have to be ready when it’s your time.”

Kicking under pressure

TV viewers may have seen the jawing and helmet slapping between backup defensive tackle Cordero Moore and kicker Jimmy Stevens after he missed a 30-yard field goal in the second quarter against Texas A&M.

“Just a little high emotions,” Stevens explained Tuesday. “Missing [the kick] kind of made him mad, but we made up. Everything is cool.”

Stevens was also upset and responded with a slap to Moore’s face mask.

“I wasn’t in the best of moods,” Stevens recalled, “but [that] probably wasn’t the best idea looking back.”

After Bob Stoops sent in Matt Moreland to try — and miss — a 42-yard attempt a few minutes later, Stevens came back to nail a 42-yarder three seconds before half. Teammates mobbed him on the sidelines.

“It was nice,” he said. “Probably one of the best kicks I’ve had all year. I was thinking if I make this, it’s all good. But if I miss, it’s probably my season.

“Sometimes I think I almost kick better under pressure.”

QB among leaders

An update on quarterback Sam Bradford’s statistics:

He’s No.1 nationally with 38 touchdown passes — two more than last season — despite ranking No. 15 in attempts (330).

He’s No. 2 in yards (3,406) despite 133 fewer passes than the leader.

He’s No. 4 in total offense (3,430) despite being on a team that averages 42.4 rushing plays and 194.3 yards a game.

Four times this season he’s thrown five TDs in a game.