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Autistic boy's best friend Spot back where he belongs

Spot, the service dog belonging to an 8-year-old autistic boy, is home.

"Words are indescribable, really," said Rebekah Bowe, whose son, D.J., has been despondent since Spot went missing two weeks ago. "It is a relief, a big relief."

Spot darted out of the house on Larkspur Court in Grand Prairie about 4 p.m. on Oct. 24, sprinting after the family car, with D.J. inside. That night, after Spot didn't come home, D.J., who doesn't talk, stopped eating and sleeping.

A man apparently found Spot while attending a party in Grand Prairie on Oct. 24. He later gave the Walker coonhound to his mother, who has been taking care of the dog.

The woman called 911 Monday night after reading an article in the Star-Telegram and watching a news report about the missing service dog. A Grand Prairie police officer went to the woman's house and later called Bowe and said he was "99 percent sure" he had Spot.

The officer then took Spot to Bowe's house in south Grand Prairie.

"It seemed like it took him forever to get here," Bowe said. "He [the officer] pulled up and we went out to the porch. When Spot hit the corner, we were like, 'That is Spot!'"

Bowe said little D.J. was in bed when the officer arrived. She said she and her husband put Spot in the house and were outside talking to the officer when they turned around and saw D.J. standing at the top of the stairs.

"D.J. came down with a great big smile on his face and he hugged Spot," Bowe said.