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Police: Man follows girl, 12, into Haltom City apartment

HALTOM CITY -- An unidentified man walked alongside a 12-year-old North Oaks Middle School student Friday afternoon then followed her into her family’s apartment before finally leaving the residence, police said Monday.

The girl told police that the man left the apartment when she told him that she had to call her father to tell him she was home. She was not injured, police said.

Incredibly, the unidentified man left a name and a telephone number, police said.

Police continued on Monday to track down the man.

North Oaks Middle School officials were scheduled to send out letters Monday afternoon to parents, warning them of the man.

The incident happened about 5 p.m. Friday in the 5300 block of Fossil Creek Boulevard.

The girl told police that she left with a group of friends after school and walked several blocks before she realized that she had left her purse at school. She left her backpack near Glenview Christian School and walked back to North Oaks Middle School.

“She got her purse and her friends apparently went off and left her,” Haltom City police Cpl. Cody Phillips said Monday. “When she returned, a man is going through her backpack. He told her he was about to call police to say he had found a backpack.”

The girl took her backpack and started to walk home, police said.

“He walked with her, talking to her about his hobbies and asking about her hobbies,” Phillips said.

The two walked together for about half a mile, Phillips said.

When they got to her apartment, the girl walked into her apartment followed by the man, police said. She then told him she had to call her father, police said.

“At some point, he wrote down a name and a telephone number and told her that if her dad needed anyone to do some work to call him,” Phillip said.

The girl, who never called her father, told him of the incident when he got home, police said. He then alerted police.

The girl told police that the suspect was a white man, about 5-feet-10 to 6-feet tall, about 180 to 200 pounds and 30 to 35 years-old. He has blond hair and was wearing a green shirt and jeans.

Anyone with information should call Haltom City police at 817-222-7000.