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Man arrested in Dallas wreck that killed a man

A 50-year-old man died Thursday night from injuries he received in an accident that was caused by a man who police said was driving drunk near Love Field in Dallas.

The man who died, Clay Curnutt, had a Carrollton address, said Sgt. Gil Cerda, police spokesman.

The incident began at about 9:40 p.m. when an officer driving an unmarked police car noticed a Ford Expedition driving erratically on Inwood Drive, Cerda said.

The officer turned on his emergency lights to stop the sports utility vehicle, but its driver turned right on Maple Avenue and continued toward the airport.

Cerda did not have information about how fast the SUV was traveling, but the officer "backed off" as the pursuit accelerated.

A department policy implemented last month prevents officers from going more than 20 mph over posted speed limits when their lights are flashing.

"He lost sight of the guy, but he kept going and then he saw there was an accident," Cerda said.

The collision happened at the intersection of Maple Avenue and Mockingbird Lane when the SUV broadsided a Kia Spectra driven by Curnutt, Cerda said.

"There is dash cam video of the original attempt to stop the suspect vehicle," said Senior Cpl. Kevin Janse, also a police spokesman. "However, the suspect fled at such a high rate of speed there is very little after that."

Curnutt was pronounced dead at the scene, Janse said.

The SUV also hit a Lincoln Town Car, injuring the man who was driving it, Cerda said.

Eric Austin, 40, driver of the SUV, and the driver of the Lincoln were taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital with non life-threatening injuries, Cerda said.

Austin, however, was under arrest at the hospital on charges of intoxication manslaughter and driving with a suspended license, Cerda said.

Janse said police don't want to release footage from the officer's dashboard video camera because traffic investigators want to use it as evidence in the case.