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Fort Worth man's morning routine disrupted by robber

A 76-year-old man told police that he spends his mornings watching TV and the cars passing his home in southwest Fort Worth.

But now, after being robbed early Monday, he can only do part of his routine.

The man told police that he opens the front door of his home in the 5000 block of McCart Avenue so that he can see the street through the glass door, which is what he was doing at 6 a.m. Monday.

"While rotating between watching his television and the street, a man wearing a white hooded sweatshirt walked inside (the man's) home, pointed a gun at him, and told him not to say a word," said Lt. Paul Henderson, police spokesman.

The man told the robber to take whatever he wanted.

The robber chose the man's 40-inch flat-screen RCA television, Henderson said.

The man called police as soon as the robber walked out the door. The man said the robber as a black man wearing the hooded sweatshirt, Henderson said.

No arrests were reported Tuesday.