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Watauga homeowner loses arm in struggle with burglar

WATAUGA -- A homeowner lost his arm after being shot and stabbed several times early Wednesday when he confronted a burglar breaking into a trailer that was parked on a driveway, police said.

The homeowner who had gone outside of his home armed with a shotgun was shot as he struggled with the burglar, police said.

He was transported to Harris Methodist Fort Worth hospital, where he was in critical condition, police said Wednesday.

A neighbor who had been staying with the homeowner also was stabbed in the arm when he came to help, police said. He drove himself to a hospital, police said. The identities of the men had not be released by police.

The incident happened about 3:30 a.m. in the 6000 block of Sundown Drive.

“He heard a noise and told his wife that someone was trying to break into the trailer,” Watauga police Detective Jason Babcock said Wednesday. “He grabbed his shotgun and told her to call 911.”

The homeowner confronted the burglar, but he was stabbed several times, Babcock said. He also was shot while struggling with the burglar.

“He (the burglar) apparently had a folding knife,” Babcock said.

The homeowner’s wife heard the confrontation and asked the neighbor to go out and help her husband, police said.

When the neighbor went out, he was stabbed once in the arm, police said.

After that, the burglar fled the scene, police said.

Investigators believe the burglar had been in the driveway for awhile because several tools from the trailer were found at a few locations down the street. A bolt cutter which investigators believe was used by the burglar was found by authorities down the street.

“He apparently stashed the tools so he could pick them up later,” Babcock said. “He may have just parked his vehicle down the street and walked up to the driveway.”

Police described the suspect as a white man, early to mid-20s with short dark hair. He’s about 5-feet-10 with a dark goatee and mustache.

Anyone with information should call Watauga police at 817-514-5878.