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What Wade said ... What Wade could have said

What Dallas Cowboys coach Wade Phillips had to say after the Cowboys' 13-9 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, plus what he could have said:

On Roy Williams' 2-yard touchdown catch with one second remaining in the first half:

What Wade said: “Our offense had a tough time, but that touchdown before the half was a big, big play.”

What Wade could have said: “It was great to see us finally complete a deep pass like that one.”

On deciding to run that play instead of kicking a field goal:

What Wade said: “We had six seconds left. We knew that we could get one more play in.”

What Wade could have said: “Because we knew that our clock operator wants to work the rest of the season.”

On Tony Romo's broken pinkie:

What Wade said: “I think it's four weeks to heal, or three weeks to heal.”

What Wade could have said: “I know I've said a lot of different time frames over the past couple of weeks, but I can tell you with certainty that it's at least two weeks to heal.”

On whether he has learned more about how to handle his team:

What Wade said: “This team has a lot of heart and a lot of leadership, and I think that came through today. It didn't have a whole lot to do with me.”

What Wade could have said: “And I would like to add in case Jerry Jones is listening, when it comes to my end-of-the-season evaluation, I really didn't mean that last sentence.”

On whether the Cowboys are looking forward to the bye week, which comes after the New York Giants game:

What Wade said: “Well, we're looking forward to the next game. We don't go past there. The next one's going to be a real important one for us, and then we'll go from there.”

What Wade could have said: “Who do you write for – the Giants' bulletin board?”

On his team's “grit and determination:”

What Wade said: “They came to play. I thought they were ready. Just because you come to play doesn't mean you're going to be successful all the time.”

What Wade could have said: “But I think we proved last week in St. Louis that if you don't come to play, you will never be successful.”

Interrupting a question that began with “As an old defensive coach like yourself ...”

What Wade said: “I'm the old part, that's for sure.”

What Wade could have said: “And coaching this team sure ain't making me any younger.”