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Oncor will begin distributing $72 million in refunds Wednesday

Oncor, which delivers electricity across its poles and wires, will begin refunding a total $72 million on Wednesday to residential customers who have received their power across the company's lines since December.

"Eliglble consumers should receive the credit on their September electric bills," Oncor said in a release.

Oncor, in a process approved by the Texas Public Utility Commission, is sending notice to electricity providers asking them to send the refunds along to their customers. Providers that don't agree to pass on the refunds won't get any money, and Oncor will distribute that cash to other customers to "ensure that the entire $72 million is refunded."

To qualify, a consumer must have been an electricity customer in the Oncor territory during December and still be served at the same location by an electric provider that agrees to pass on the refund.

"Commercial and industrial customers also will receive a refund, although it will be based on their individual usage during calendar year 2007," Oncor said.

Oncor agreed in October 2007 to give the $72 million credit, as part of its merger review filing.