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Chesapeake asks FW to postpone Eighth Ave. drill site hearing

Chesapeake Energy today asked the city of Fort Worth to postpone a scheduled hearing next week on its request for a drilling permit at the controversial Eighth Avenue site near the Berkeley and Ryan Place neighborhoods.

The move came after an hours-long meeting Monday afternoon with representatives of the two affected neighborhoods as well as surrounding neighborhoods and Councilman Joel Burns, who represents the near South Side area. Also present was a representative of William Davis, who owns the proposed drill site, and of urban planning firm Gideon Toal.

Tom Edwards, a gas well inspector for the city, said Chesapeake “just asked us to postpone the hearing. They’re not pulling their request for a permit.”

He said Chesapeake did not indicate when it might seek another hearing. A Chesapeake representative was not immediately available for comment.

Because Chesapeake does not have waivers from property owners near the drill site, City Council must approve the company’s drilling permit. A hearing on the permit had been set for July 8.

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