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Police say Hurst woman had GHB in her car

WATAUGA -- A Hurst woman remained in custody Monday after police stopped a car she was driving during the weekend and found what police said was two jars of GHB and a tub of chemicals used to make the drug in her vehicle.

Police described the seizure as a mobile GHB lab.

Authorities identified the woman as Kimberly Skrobarcek, 43, who was in the Watauga City Jail on $135,000 bail. She is expected to be charged with possession of a controlled substance and delivery of a controlled substance, police said.

The traffic stop was made about 7 p.m. Friday in the 5800 block of Hightower Drive after someone reported a motorist in a Toyota driving erratically.

“An officer stopped the Toyota and noticed that the driver was sweating profusely even though the car’s air-conditioner was on full blast,” Watauga Detective Tiffany Ward said Monday. “She was very nervous and didn’t make eye contact with the officer.”

The officer also could smell a chemical odor coming out of the car, according to police reports.

Initially, Skrobarcek was arrested on traffic warrants, police said.

But a small quantity of methamphetamine and a pill bottle with an oily liquid that later tested as GHB was found in the car after police conducted a search.

In the trunk of the car, a tub of sodium hydroxide and the two jars of liquid were discovered. The liquid in the jars tested positive for GHB, a mostly odorless drug that has been popular with young adults and teens at dance clubs and raves. It also has been known as a date rape drug, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Skrobarcek has not given police a statement about the GHB.

At the time of her arrest, Skrobacek had three pending charges against her, according to Tarrant County criminal court records. She had two delivery of a controlled substance charges and a DWI charge out of North Richland Hills, records show.