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Powder investigated at Fort Worth federal building

FORT WORTH -- Firefighters on Monday were examining a powdery substance that was in a package delivered to the Fritz G. Lanham Federal Building in downtown Fort Worth, although there did not appear to any immediate threat to the public, a government official said.

The fire department was notified about the substance at 8:15 a.m., said Chip Pierpoint, a manager for the General Services Administration, which manages the building.

"The fire department is taking the lead now," Pierpont said, "but they gave us no reason to feel we had a situation."

An FBI agent was also on hand, which is routine, said Mark White, FBI spokesman.

"The fire department will follow their protocols, but at this time there appears to be no threat associated to the package," White said. "Everyone is doing what they are supposed to do to resolve the problem."

Two fire trucks were parked outside building, in the 800 block of Taylor Street.

Meanwhile, a few firefighters, along with members of the public and federal employees, were freely leaving and entering the building.

A similar incident happened March 10 at the building, when a white powdery substance fell from an envelope that also contained a threat to the president of the United States.

Members of the FBI's joint terrorism task force immediately tested the powder and determined it was harmless.

Pierpont on Monday, however, said there was no threat attached to the package.