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Sunday's high temperature could be an 80s classic

Everything going up in your life?

Rising prices for gas and groceries have coincided with soaring temperatures; it was 100 Monday and in the upper 90s the rest of the week. Friday's temperature is expected to reach 97.

But here's a prescription to beat the heat this weekend: slip in a little cold front, some cloud cover and a 30 percent chance for rain and you might stay out of the 90s.

Sound too good to be true?

Well take heart, because that's what could happen late Saturday, according to National Weather Service forecasters in Fort Worth.

They're projecting the high temperature for Sunday to be about 88 degrees under mostly cloudy skies.

"What we got is a little cold front coming down and it's going to sneak in here Saturday bringing cooler temperatures," said Joe Harris, a weather service meteorologist.

"It is not a big air mass change," he added. "It just has a little precipitation with it and some cloud cover, which could be enough to knock temperatures down Sunday.

"But it should take us out of the upper highs, unless there's a big rainstorm Sunday. Then we could end up with about 86."

Saturday, however, will be mostly sunny with highs in the mid 90s.

The rain chances will decrease to 20 percent on Monday, and temperatures will climb back into the low-to-mid 90s through Thursday.