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Hurst police say gun scare was attempted robbery

An eight-member SWAT team searched a bakery outlet Wednesday afternoon for a reported woman carrying a gun, but they found no one.

Wonder Hostess Bakery Outlet, in the 800 block of West Pipeline Road, was the central point of a possible standoff after an employee called police to report the woman brandishing a gun.

The incident began shortly after 3 p.m. when employees saw the woman and notified authorities.

Police funneled two employees and customers out of the store shortly after the 911 call, and a perimeter was set up. Police closed that portion of Pipeline Road in front of the bakery for about two hours for the tactical team to clear the building.

“She’s gone away somewhere,” Hurst police Sgt. Craig Teague said.

The cashier said she had a gun waved in her face and wouldn’t give any other comment.

Officials at the scene are calling this a robbery attempt and assume the woman left from the back of the bakery.

The police are searching for two customers, who took off shortly after being evacuated.

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