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Dallas Zoo's last elephant is packing its trunk

The Dallas Zoo announced Tuesday that its sole elephant on exhibit, Jenny, will be emigrating to Mexico this autumn.

Jenny’s departure to the Africam Safari Park in the state of Puebla will leave one of the nation’s largest zoos without any elephants.

The zoo has struggled with what to do with Jenny since the unexpected death of KeKe, another African elephant cow, in May. KeKe was euthanized after becoming ill with what was thought to be a gastrointestinal problem. A necropsy revealed, however, that she died of congestive heart failure.

Elephants are social creatures, and it is not considered humane to keep an exhibit of just one.

“We are happy to report Jenny is doing great,” said Chuck Siegel, deputy director for animal management, in a news release. “She’s eating well and back on her regular enrichment and training programs, just as we had hoped she would following the loss of KeKe.”

The Dallas Zoo will get a new giraffe in the next few months and plans to convert the elephant exhibit into a larger giraffe area.