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Teens say double murder netted them $2

In a cold, profanity-laced description, a 19-year-old Arkansas man confessed Monday to fatally shooting two men during a robbery outside a Christian music store in Garland.

"I murdered both of them," James Broadnax said during an interview at the Dallas County Jail, according to The Dallas Morning News. "No hesitation or nothing."

The bodies of Matthew Butler, 28, and Stephen Swan, 26, were found about 1 a.m. Thursday outside Zion Gate Records in the 800 block of State Street in downtown Garland.

Demarius Cummings, a cousin of Broadnax, said the men were out looking for someone to rob and were about to give up when they struck up a conversation with Butler and Swan. The robbery netted them $2, Cummings said.

Broadnax showed no remorse during the interview, instead describing in graphic detail how he shot the men multiple times.

Check out the reports, including video, by CBS 11 and The Dallas Morning News.