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Haltom police hope tattoo leads to sex assault suspect

HALTOM CITY -- Police hope a tattoo, perhaps of a symbol that meant "life" to ancient Egyptians, will lead them to a sexual assault suspect.

The victim told police that she saw only the suspect's left arm during the assault Monday, said Sgt. Terry Stayer, police spokeswoman.

Police are withholding the time and location of the attack, hoping that information will assist in their investigation.

The tattoo on his arm is a cross rounded at the top so it resembles an ankh, a symbol of life for ancient Egyptians. The tattoo is described as light green with a dark green border, police said.

They released the sketch late Friday.

The victim also told police that there is writing, beginning with a capital J, near the suspect's left wrist. He has a mole on the back of his left hand near his thumb, police said.

Police do not believe that the assault is related to any others. Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Daniel Pearson at 817-222-7034.