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Two found slain outside Garland music studio

GARLAND — Two men were found shot to death early Thursday outside a recording studio in the downtown area of the city, police said Thursday.

Police are searching for a 1995 Ford Crown Victoria that investigators say belonged to one of the victims.

No one had been arrested.

Police identified the victims as Matthew Butler, 28, the owner of Zion Gate, the recording studio, and Zion Gate employee Stephen Swan, 26, of Carrollton.

Their bodies were found lying just off a roadway in the parking area of the business.

A man notified firefighters at the Central Fire station about 1:20 a.m. that he had just seen two men lying in the 800 block of State Street who appeared to be dead.

When police arrived, they found the bodies of the two men, who appeared to have been shot several times. They were in the roadway on State Street just west of Glenbrook Drive.

Investigators believe the slayings happened where the victims were found, but they had not established a motive for the shootings.

Swan’s Crown Victoria was reported missing, police said. Police described it as tan with Texas license plates S05VCD.

Authorities asked that residents call police if they see the car.