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T.O. baffled by NFL’s inability to reach him for random drug test

IRVING -- Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens doesn’t like being put in the league "reasonable cause" testing program because of a missed phone call.

But it’s not something he is going to lie awake at night worrying about, nor should Cowboys fans for that matter.

"They can test me a thousand times," Owens said. "I know I don’t use illegal stuff."

Because the league was unable to connect with Owens for a random drug test last month, he is now subject to random testing for performance enhancers up to a maximum of 24 annual screenings, and these additional screenings can be required, if the NFL chooses to do so, for the remainder of his NFL career.

Owens admitted giving the league his agent's phone number as one of the contact numbers to reach him after the season, because he said his agent always answers the phone. To this day, he doesn’t understand how league officials didn’t connect with him through his agent.

But he said the other numbers the league used to try to reach him were not ones he gave them. He also doesn’t believe the league called him as much as they said they did.

Owens said he went to New York last week to try to find a resolution to the situation and once he passed a drug test he thought the situation was over.

"But the thing is they had already put me in the reasonable cause testing program, which I didn’t want to do," Owens said. "I didn’t want to be part of that, especially with everything, considering steroids and the performance-enhancing drugs, I think for me to be put in that light, it’s just a negative connotation for me."

Owens said he doesn’t like having to take the extra tests but said he is not worried about it because he knows what he puts in his body.

Coach Wade Phillips certainly is not concerned about losing Owens to a suspension. He called it a miscommunication issue and they have moved past it.

Owner Jerry Jones offered similar sentiments earlier in the week, pointing to the $34 million contract extension he gave Owens last week as proof of his support.

"I think it shows how together and what a family this is and how committed he is to this team and these players," Owens said. "I am very excited about the fact that he would stand up for me."