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Showers in Oklahoma may edge into North Texas

FORT WORTH -- Oklahoma was covered with rain Monday morning, but North Texas was set to receive some of the Sooner State’s castoffs, according to the National Weather Service.

A 60-70 percent chance for rain has been issued for the Metroplex, said Jessica Dunn, meteorologist with the weather service’s Fort Worth office.

"There is a large area of rain and thunderstorms in Oklahoma, and it’s getting kind of close to the Red River," Dunn said. "We expect that to move southeast later today, maybe later this morning.

"As soon as we break out of the clouds we'll have a lot of heating and that will destabilize the environment.

"We’re expecting thunderstorms will develop with that."

Monday's high is expected to be around 85 degrees, while the rest of the week will be in the low 90s with partly sunny to sunny skies, the weather service said.

The Oklahoma weather on Monday was actually the tail end of a larger mass stretching across the Midwestern states and into southern Wisconsin. It followed a weekend of intensely damaging weather in the Midwest that caused flooding, tornadoes and at least eight deaths.

But Dunn said North Texas will likely be spared from anything that severe.

"Hopefully, we'll see some beneficial rain -- the kind that's good for the lawns," she said.