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Airfare hikes fall apart

Two attempts over the weekend and Monday to raise airfares have failed, the farewatcher said Tuesday afternoon.

Northwest, US Airways, and United airlines rolled back $20 fare hikes they had implemented, Graeme Wallace, of, said in an email message.

That means only a $40 roundtrip fare hike to Hawaii in place, he said.

The increases were the industry's 17th and 18th attempts of the year to raise prices.

American launched the 17th attempt Friday night and was matched over the weekend by its five non-discount rivals: Continental, United, Northwest, and US Airways. That increase began falling apart, however, after airlines began rolling it back. Today, Northwest and US Airways rolled their increases back.

Monday, United, which had already rolled its fare hike back, launched a second $20 roundtrip hike across most of its system. But today, it rolled the fare hike back.

Staff writer Scott Nishimura contributed to this report.