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Airfares up sharply, particularly at hubs, farewatcher says

Summer fares are up steeply, particularly on nonstop routes from hub airports like Dallas/Fort Worth, airfare watcher Tom Parsons of said Wednesday.

Fares from D/FW, in fact, are up as much as 204 percent compared to a year ago, he said, including big jumps in prices to Charlotte, N.C.; Norfolk, Va.; Miami, Fla.; and Las Vegas, Nev. Charlotte, for example, is currently being priced at $692 roundtrip for a July 22 trip, compared to $228 a year ago, according to Parsons.

"We believe these airfare hikes on nonstop routes will stay in place until the end of August, due to high demand for summer travel," Parsons said. But he added that "as we enter the fall travel period, we expect the major carriers to become more competitive and be forced to roll back these much higher airfares."

Some of the biggest price increases Parsons found from D/FW include:

■ Boston, 110 percent

■ Charleston, 137 percent

■ Cleveland, 109 percent

■ Fort Lauderdale, 137 percent

■ Miami, 111 percent

■ Norfolk, 202 percent

■ Las Vegas, 105 percent

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