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Temperature falls 1 degree short of record mark

FORT WORTH -- It doesn't appear that the 95-year-old record high temperature for June 3 will be broken.

The Dallas-Fort Worth area high temperature reached 99 on Tuesday, failing to hit triple digits for the first time this year, according to the National Weather Service Web site.

The area also came close to reaching 100 on May 19, but again stopped at 99, said Dan Shoemaker, a weather service meteorologist.

The nearest rain, Shoemaker said, was in the Big Sky Country -- Montana. That's where a big low-pressure system was producing some thunderstorms.

But the air needed to fuel that system is being sucked into the northern plains from Texas, Shoemaker said.

What that means is wind and plenty of it -- gusts as strong as 30 mph, which often produces "red flag" warnings during the winter months.

"The only reason we don't have a red flag warning is because the growing season is on and the grass is not dormant and dry," Shoemaker said.

Nevertheless, the winds will have a drying action in North Texas because they won't be coming from the southeast, which typically brings moist air from the Gulf of Mexico.

These winds will come from the drier Rio Grande region of southwest Texas, said Nick Hampshire, also of the weather service.