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Man arrested after Fort Worth auto-pedestrian collision

FORT WORTH -- One man was in the hospital and another man was in police custody early Monday following an overnight auto-pedestrian collision.

It happened just before midnight Sunday in the 3200 block of North Main Street on the Fort Worth's north side, said Sgt. Rodney Bangs, supervisor of the traffic investigation unit.

A 48-year-old man was struck by a passing vehicle as he and his nephew were crossing the street, Bangs said.

The driver of the car slowed but then fled the scene, Bangs said. Motorists who witnessed the collision followed the car to a nearby bar two blocks away.

The witnesses said the man parked and went into the bar. They contacted officers who responded to the injured man and gave a description of the man who had gone into the bar, Bangs said.

Officers found the 19-year-old man inside, Bangs said.

"He subsequently confessed to the offense," he added, "and was taken into custody."

The man would be charged with causing the accident, but there was no evidence that the man was drunk, even though he was found in a bar, Bangs said.

The pedestrian who was injured was in critical but stable condition at John Peter Smith Hospital early Monday, Bangs said.