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Suspect killed by Dallas SWAT team after charging them, police say

Dallas SWAT officers shot and killed a man being sought Friday in an Amarillo robbery who pointed a rifle at them while trying to flee, police said in a statement.

Officers had gone to a residence at 4500 Humphrey at about 4:30 p.m. after being notified by Amarillo authorities that the suspect, Daniel Ross Jr., 43, might be there. A family member confirmed that he was inside, Lt. Vernon Hale said in a statement. The family member was escorted out of the home while officers tried to persuade Ross to surrender.

He refused, telling them he was armed and would shoot them if they didn't leave, and a SWAT team was summoned, Hale said in the statement.

Police said the suspect told a witness by phone that he would not return to jail and that police would have to shoot him.

"At some point the suspect decided to exit the residence" and charged the officers with what appeared to be a gun with a scope, holding it with both hands, the police statement said. "SWAT officers fired ... causing the death of the suspect."

The SWAT officers had a combined 41 years' experience (19, 17 and five years), Hale said in the statement. Their names were not immediately released.

No other details were immediately available.