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Patient Terrell Owens is not pushing for a new contract

IRVING -- With contract extensions seeming to fly out of Valley Ranch the past few days, the common thought is that Terrell Owens would be the first to ask, “So where is mine?”

So far, the Cowboys 34-year-old wide receiver is not openly lobbying for a contract extension, even though he will be a free agent at season’s end.

“It’s not an issue,” Owens said. “For me, I’m going to go out and let my play do the talking. Jerry [Jones] is aware of my ability.”

Earlier in his career, the lack of contract extensions were a major issue with Owens. The genesis of his dissatisfaction with the Philadelphia Eagles was over a contract.

“I think you are seeing a change in a guy, a transformation that has taken place over the last four or five years,” quarterback Tony Romo said. “We’re pretty lucky to have it happen here. I enjoy the guy. He’s a good teammate. He actually cares about each one of us. He cares about getting better. He gets probably a bad rap because you don’t get to see him every day. I’m pretty sure we’ll be just fine with getting that taken care of.”

Owens wants to remain with the Cowboys beyond this contract, but he is not pushing for a deal. Even though he is growing older, he does not believe it’s an issue and is not an excuse for decreased productivity.

“As long as I’m healthy,” Owens said. “That’s the key — as long as you stay healthy. I think what I’ve done throughout the course of my career, as far as my workout regimen, that helps me. I feel young despite my age. I think a lot of people will throw that in the mix. But I’m not worried about that.”