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Dallas Cowboys release ticket prices for the cheap seats

The cheap seats in the new Dallas Cowboys stadium will be relatively cheap.

The team announced Thursday that 50,000 non-club season tickets will cost $59 to $129 a ticket per game, up 6.7 percent from Texas Stadium prices

The cheapest seats at $59 have no personal seat licenses but are more than 200 feet above the field.

If a family of four wanted to purchase season tickets in the $59 area they would pay $2,360 per year for 8 regular season and 2 preseason games. That would not include parking or food and drinks.

Cowboys vice president of sales and marketing Chad Estis said he believes the ticket pricing is affordable.

"We feel we’ve put together a pricing model that will be very well-received by our current customer," Estis said.

The rest of the seats have personal seat licenses costing $2,000 to $5,000 with seat prices ranging from $79 to $125. Currently, Texas Stadium ticket prices are $50 to $129.

Current season tickets holders have until July 11 to decide if they want to buy comparable seats in the new stadium. After that, the team will begin selling seats to those who paid a nonrefundable $100 deposit to be on a waiting list that started in December. The Cowboys did not say how many people are on the list, but that they represent 10,000 seats.

The team also announced a new seating program that includes the first six rows of the upper level between the goal lines. These 1,200 seats will have a seat option of $12,000 with season ticket prices costing $125 per game. The seats will have cushy club-style seats and an option for parking near the stadium, but it will not have access to clubs in the stadium that are available to club and suite ticket holders.

In November, the Cowboys unveiled pricing for 15,000 club seats that had personal seat licenses ranging from $16,000 to $150,000 with ticket prices costing $340 per game.