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Thieves steal ATM from Southlake pharmacy

SOUTHLAKE -- Thieves stole an ATM early Thursday after they backed a white van through the front door of a pharmacy and then pulled the machine into the van, police said.

No one has been arrested.

The incident happened about 3 a.m. at the CVS Pharmacy at Southlake Boulevard and White Chapel Boulevard. The pharmacy was closed at the time.

Police have not released any information on a store surveillance camera.

It was the second ATM theft in the area this month.

A group of thieves smashed a window on May 7 at On The Run (Exxon) on William D. Tate Avenue in Grapevine 7 while it was open, used a chain to pull the machine out, loaded it in a stolen van and drove off.

But police stopped a van matching the description of the one used in the theft minutes later.

A 24-year-old DeSoto man was arrested and the ATM was recovered. Three other suspects escaped.