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Pizza for Jenna Bush wedding?

Seems like everyone wants a piece of the pie at first daughter Jenna Bush's wedding Saturday.

Pizza Hut even offered to provide a late night snack for the festivities.

Pizza Hut President Scott Bergren sent President Bush a letter May 5 offering to provide the new Pizza Mia at the end of the evening reception.

"And we'd be happy to serve it with any of Jenna's favorite toppings," according to the letter. "Of course, as our gift to the newlyweds, the pizzas are on us.

"After all, we feel a certain bond with the First Family. Like you, we call Texas home -- we're just up the road from Crawford in Dallas."

Pizza Hut spokesman Chris Fuller said Pizza Hut did not receive a response from the president.

"I guess they are going to leave their guests with something less tasty," he said.