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Husband speaks out in fatal shooting of wife's lover

Darrell Roberson said Tuesday that he thought his wife was being raped when he fatally shot her lover in 2006.

In his first public interview since his wife, Tracy Roberson, was sentenced to five years for involuntary manslaughter, Darrell Roberson said he would not have done anything different the night he found his wife and Devin LaSalle embracing in a truck in front of the Robersons’ south Arlington home.

"When I heard my wife scream rape and I saw (LaSalle) trying to drive off from the scene, I had no choice but to do what I did," Darrell Roberson said. "If I had to do it over, I’d do it again.”

When asked if he wished he hadn't had a gun that night, Darrell Roberson said, “I wish a lot of things wouldn’t have happened that night.”

Darrell Roberson spoke to the media from the office of his wife's lawyer, Fort Worth attorney Jill Davis, who said she has filed an appeal on the case.

Darrell Roberson said he wishes he could take his wife's place in jail.

“I’m a man," Roberson said, "and as a man you hate to see your wife hurt. You don’t want your wife going through those types of things.”

According to court testimony, Tracy Roberson was intimate on two occassions with LaSalle. That testimony came when Darrell Roberson was outside of the courtroom. He told prosecutors he didn't want details.

He said he never considered divorcing his wife.

“Sure, I was upset at the situation," Roberson said. "When I took my marriage vows I took them seriously. I’m going to stick with my family for better or worse.”

Tracy Roberson must serve 2 1/2 years before she is eligible for parole.

Darrell Roberson said his wife has considered ending her own life.

“Tracy has regretted this from day one," he said. "She told me she has contemplated suicide and I told her 'no.' That would kill me."

He said he told her, “You made a mistake and I forgive you. God forgives you, now let's move on.”

The Robersons now live in Frisco.