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Jury convicts woman whose husband shot her lover

FORT WORTH -- A south Arlington woman who falsely cried rape to cover up an extramarital affair caused her husband to shoot her lover, a Tarrant County jury determined late Friday.

Tracy Roberson cried when state district Judge Louis Sturns read the guilty verdict. Her husband, Darrell Roberson, who was in the courtroom for the first time, showed no emotions.

Tracy Roberson's bond was revoked, and she was taken into custody. The 37-year-old will spend the weekend in jail.

The punishment phase is scheduled to begin Monday. She faces two to 20 years in prison in the December 2006 death of Devin LaSalle, a 32-year-old New Orleans native and father of three.

Tracy Roberson's defense attorneys said they will fight to have their client put on probation.

Defense attorney Jill Davis said she understood that her client was wrong for having the extramarital affair but said, "If everyone who had an affair was put in the penitentiary, then we wouldn't have enough room in the penitentiary."

Darrell Roberson was playing cards with relatives and friends in Dallas in December 2006. When he called home, his then-7-year-old daughter answered and told him that she thought her mother was outside. He went to his home in the 6100 block of Ivy Glenn Drive in Arlington looking for his wife.

Prosecutors said Darrell didn't shoot until his wife screamed rape and the truck she and LaSalle were in started pulling away.

Darrell Roberson was no-billed by a grand jury last year in connection with the shooting. He is not facing criminal charges.