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Arlington shooting: Gunshot to face came to rest in man's spine

FORT WORTH -- Devin LaSalle was shot in the face while sitting in a pickup with his lover, a Tarrant County medical examiner said Thursday.

A bullet from a 10 mm gun entered his jaw and came to rest in his spine, and that’s what killed him, said Dr. Marc Krouse. LaSalle couldn’t breathe so he died instantly.

Krouse testified Thursday in the involuntary manslaughter trial of Tracy Roberson, whose husband shot LaSalle.

Prosecutors believe that LaSalle was killed in December 2006 as he sat in his pickup in front of the Roberson’s Ivy Glen Drive home in Arlington because Tracy Roberson told her husband she was being raped. But she wasn’t.

Tracy Roberson was charged with making a false report to a police officer because she said she was nearly raped.

Her husband, Darrell Roberson, was no-billed by a grand jury last year in connection with the shooting. He is not facing criminal charges.

The prosecution rested about 10:45 a.m. on the third day of the trial in state District Judge Louis Sturns’s court.

The defense rested shortly after that without putting any witnesses on the stand.

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