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First lady reads to second-graders at Fort Worth school

FORT WORTH -- First lady Laura Bush read to second-grade students from Kirkpatrick Elementary during a stop in Fort Worth Wednesday morning.

"Reading isn't just important," Bush said. "It's also fun."

Bush was in Fort Worth to announce that Kirkpatrick was among 190 schools that received grants to help bolster libraries. Kirkpatrick is receiving about $6,000 from The Laura Bush Foundation for America's Libraries.

This year, the foundation is giving away about $1.09 million to help schools buy books.

Students and educators at Kirkpatrick were tickled by the visit and grateful for the money.

"Our library needs a lot of help," said Sylvia Hoad, the Kirkpatrick librarian who applied for the grant. Hoad said the school, which serves a large population of Hispanic students, will buy about 240 books, and one-third will be in Spanish.