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Arlington woman told police her husband knew she was not being raped

Darrell Roberson shot his wife's lover because he was angry, according to a taped interview with police.

"Do you think he was shooting to save your life or because he was pissed off?" one of two detectives asked Tracy Roberson the day after Devin LaSalle was killed in December 2006.

There was silence.

A detective asked, "He never believed that you were being raped?"

A sobbing Tracy Roberson, after staring at the wall, shook her head to indicate "no."

Jurors saw the taped interview Wednesday during the second day of Tracy Roberson's involuntary manslaughter trial before state District Judge Louis Sturns.

Prosecutors believe that LaSalle was fatally shot as he sat in his pickup parking in front of the Robersons' Ivy Glen Drive home because Tracy Roberson told her husband that the man was raping her, though he was not.

The tape showed that after more questioning about the shooting the morning of Dec. 11, detectives asked Tracy Roberson again, "Did you think he would do something to you because he found out that you had been in an affair?"

She paused, then nodded "yes."

Also during the interview, Tracy Roberson told detectives that her husband was a good provider but he had a "short fuse."

She said that when Darrell Roberson walked up to the pickup, she and LaSalle were sitting inside and her husband told her to get out of the car.

Darrell Roberson was no-billed by a grand jury in connection with the shooting.

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